Monday, February 6, 2012

Don't You Wish!

By Matt Gray. What on earth — or off — are you supposed to do with a Jinn who grants you three wishes, but who insists there’s no such thing as magic? And then moves into your life (and your apartment), and takes over everything from what you have for dinner, to what you wear and where you work? Stuff the creature back into the back alley pickle jar from which you rescued it?

No, you invade the sacred precincts of Washington’s political elite, fast talk your way into an all-expense-paid fact finding mission, buy a new (well, new to you) convertible, confront the corrupt and moderately murderous trustees of a world-famous snack food company, get kidnapped a few times too many, find out what really happened in the Crash of ’29, search for a lost will and a misplaced treasure, and tangle with a lively assortment of blondes, brunettes, and redheads . . . all of which turn out to be the same person (and she’s not crazy).

Oh, and lay the foundation for world peace and prosperity by opening up democratic access to capital credit to make every child, woman, and man on earth an owner, demonstrating the obvious truth that it’s a case of own or be owned in this world or any other.